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Trade websites do great business

Trade websites have changed from text-based informational sites to media rich sites with diverse content. Because you are talking to people with a common interest, you have huge potential for creating a community of users who will return regularly and interact with you via your website.

Because your universe of users is likely to be finite, you are more likely to attract a high proportion of those people to your site.

More income for your business

There are possibilities of extra income generation via highly targeted advertising and sponsored links. Jobs boards also generate income from placement fees and if you have a source of privileged information then you can receive revenue from membership fees.

Affiliate programs work well on trade sites. You can earn good revenue from referred links to other suppliers. There are also possibilities with 'paid for' links from your site.

Publicity builds value in your organisation

Placing specialist articles on your site is a great way to attract press interest and PR. Articles and media attention build awareness within your industry, attract new visitors to your site and build the value of your brand. So, even if you have nothing to sell online, a trade website can do great things for your business.

Making money with nothing to sell

Below is a great example of a company which sells nothing on its website but still makes a healthy income. ExpoABC provides free data and trade related articles about the Exhibition industry. In a very short time they have become the default source of information for exhibition industry professionals who read their news and articles online and via Newsletters every single day. They generate income from advertising, commission from jobs and membership fees for their publications.

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A screenshot of the ExpoABC website
ExpoABC changes every day with news and articles relating to the exhibition industry. Take a look at todays edition here
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